Release notes for patch versions?

Gatling is complaining about the version being out of date:

Gatling 3.9.3 is available! (you’re using 3.9.2)

The “what’s new” page seems to only list major/minor versions:

I’m the kind of person who likes to know what’s changing before upgrading a dependency.

Where do I find the release notes for a specific patch version?

Hi @Shorn,

As you can see in the What’s New section, we only write what should have an impact on the user code.
Release changing only the last number (_._.XX) does not introduce new features (or only as beta) and are really meant to be minor fixes or dependencies upgrades (mostly automated by the awesome scala-steward bot).

We aren’t used to publish a release note for a patch version.

As for any open source project on GitHub, you can have the detailed commits list.
For instance, for this upgrade: Comparing v3.9.2...v3.9.3 · gatling/gatling · GitHub


Also see the milestones on GitHub: Milestones - gatling/gatling · GitHub

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