Reporting loops as a single request

Hi all,

How would I go about reporting the aggregate timing a loop made up of a polling request?

Here’s my current state: I start a long running job, and then poll it every second until complete:

.transform((s:String) => if(s.compareTo(“Running”)==0) “true” else “false”)
“${indexing}”, “true”

However, when I view the report for this, I see a breakdown on how long “poll_indexing” takes per poll (e.g. < 5ms), rather than how long poll_indexing takes in total (e.g. 30 seconds)…

How would I aggregate poll_indexing into a total time?



Hi Nick,

We don’t have aggregates for now, but that’s something we plan to implement:

As this feature has be repeatedly requested, we’ll raise its priority, so expect it to be implemented in a next release (< 1 month).



2012/6/19 Nick Drew <>

Thanks for quick reply Stéphane :slight_smile:

Was this ever implemented? Can’t seem to find anything?

I would like to report out on the Chains or Scala Objects grouping requests.

NM … I figured it out (RTFM). I should be using groups to execute chains and report on a single name.


That’s the spirit! :wink: