Reports: details page not generated for sub-group

If I try to nest a group inside another, the sub-group doesn’t have a detail page generated with the rest of the reports. E.g.:

val scn = scenario(“myScenario”)
.group(“group1”) {
.group(“group1.1”) { //No detail page

.group(group2) {

After generating reports, the only request/group that doesn’t have a detail page is group1.1. It appears in the sidebar list as normal, but clicking on it gives me a “File not found”. Every other page (group1, group2, all of the requests) is generated fine. Are nested groups not (supposed to be) supported? I’m using 2.0.0-M3a.

That’s indeed a bug, thanks for reporting.
I’ve opened an issue and will fix asap:


Awesome, thanks!

Probably-related issue: The detailed results pages for sub-groups show the response time statistics for the last request in the group, not the cumulated response times for the whole group, on some charts (the “statistics” pane at the top right, Group Cumulated Response Time Percentiles over Time, and Group Cumulated Response Time Distribution). Top-level groups appear to be cumulating times for their children properly, but are using the times for their sub-groups, causing inaccurate totals.

Also (sorry), taking a closer look, I have several requests with a mean response time lower than the min response time (e.g. min-max-mean of 27-60-10 or 26-47-12). Not sure whether the rest are incorrect as well.

Could you share your simulation.log file please?

(I’m on a snapshot from yesterday, by the way, if that makes a difference.)

simulation.log (1.44 MB)


What ami I looking for exactly (group names, observed and expected values)?

Right! The RecoverScenario->RpToIdP group is showing the statistics for RecoverScenario->RpToIdP->goto_idp Redirect 5 (the last request in the group) instead of cumulated response times. There are no pauses, so it should be close to the group duration - i.e., 80% of requests in the 800-1200ms range, not a max of 47ms.

Most of the requests in that group (redirects 1, 3, 4, 5) have a mean response time that’s lower than the min response time, as well.

I will try to fix tomorrow.

I got this fixed:
The problem was that group stats weren’t updates when redirecting.

Thanks for reporting!