Reports not well generated using Gatling 1.5.3


I recently migrated from Gatling 1.4.6 to Gatling 1.5.3.
Since there, I encounter an issue in reports generation when executing with 1.5.3 (see attached screenshots).

For these reports, scripts were executed with Gatling 1.5.3, then reports where generated by Gating 1.4.6 and 1.5.3 using “gatling -ro <folder_name>”.

Do you have any knowledge about this issue, and if so, any solution to resolve it ? Currently I have no way to get clean reports at the end of a run without re-generating them with Gatling 1.4.6.

Thanks for your help.


Launching a run from Eclipse to debug a script, I noticed that reports generated by Gatling 1.5.3 with eclipse are well formated, as in screenshots of 1.4.6.
Using the same simulation.log file in Gatling 1.5.3 in standalone to generate reports gives the mal-formatted report.

If it can give any clue for resolution…

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure that’s not a browse cache problem?
Did you try cleaning up your cache?

Yes, I tried cleaning up the cache but it did not solve my issue.

Could you upload your simulation.log file somewhere, please?
Which browser do you use?

Here is the result of the run from Eclipse (Gatling 1.5.3) with the associated reports and the generated reports using “-ro” option with standalone 1.5.3, using the same simulation.log file.
It appears only style/style.css and some js files are different. Do you have any idea where it could come from ?

Thanks. (292 KB) (321 KB)

How did you get your “standalone” bundle?
Did you manually replaced some libraries? If so, are you sure the gatling-highcharts library is properly aligned?

Definitively, there’s some old old old old version of gatling-charts-highcharts somewhere in your classpath.

I just got a clean bundle of Gatling 1.5.3, pasted the simulation.log file in the result folder and ran gatling -ro command.
The report’s format is then OK, so I guess the problem is coming from a bad library I overrode as you said.

I’m now going to find out when I did override this library.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Glad to hear.
Good luck!