Request not firing correctly inside a during loop?

Hi, I’m currently working on a project using gatling, we have some recordings done and we just noticed something weird, we create a scenario with lets say 6 threads and 2 cycles, the expected result is that each request would be called 12 times, but there’s this one request that’s only called once per thread, giving this as a result:

cargarAfiliado / cargarAfiliado_34 (OK=12 KO=0 )

cargarAfiliado / cargarAfiliado_36 (OK=12 KO=0 )
cargarAfiliado / cargarAfiliado_37 (OK=6 KO=0 )
cargarAfiliado / cargarAfiliado_35 (OK=12 KO=0 )

We checked old archived runs and yeah, we have scenarios where 34,35,36 where called 1500 times, but No. 37 was called 25 times, again only once per thread.
The code is the same for all of them, basically one big scenario with every request (minus the log in) inside either a during or a repeat loop.

Any clues as to what could be causing this? I built a quick script with jmeter and the same request works as expected…

No, you’re not using threads, you’re using virtual users.
And if you make your virtual users loop, responses that have caching headers set will of course get cached, just like it would happen with a browser.

Oh god, you are absolutely right, I checked the response and it has cache-control set, the other ones disable cache, I just disabled cache on the http protocol and now it works as I expected it.
Thank you so much