Requests aren't sharing cookies

I’m pretty unfamiliar with this technology, so there is probably a simple answer to my poorly-worded question, so please bear with me. Below is some commented code from my simulation file of just a single user. If I’m formatting this question poorly, or need to give more information, please let me know what I should do.

val scn = scenario("Name")
  .resources(http("request_1") // the body response from this request generates a jsessionID cookie
  .options(uri2 + "PATH2")


Which version of Gatling do you use?
Please make sure you’re using latest (3.0.2 as of now).

Also, is request_11 a resource of request_0, just like request_1? If so, you most likely have no guarantees request_11 will be executed after request_0 and you have to move it outside of the resource block to ensure sequentiality.

I started moving request outside of the resource block and they are working just fine now. Thank you for the suggestion!