responstime measurment

I have some simulation code that loops 8 times (as there are 8 items in the item list below):


.doIf(session => ! session(“itemList”).as[Seq[String]].isEmpty)


foreach("${itemList}", “item”)


pace(1 seconds,3 seconds)




.header(“X-Token”, “${token}”)

.body(StringBody("""{“offerId”: “${item}”, “membershipId”: “${MemberId}”, “osName”: “Android”, “osVersion”: “4.4”}""")).asJSON






My Gatling report says that the mean response time is 3 seconds for the “activateGift”.

My question is:

Does it take 3 seconds per call (8 calls total) or 3 seconds for all 8 calls in this case?

Per call.
If you want grouping, you have to use a group.

if I where to use a group in this case, how could I do it?
do i wrap it around my doif-block?