Run a Maven plugin after gatling-maven-plugin

Need to run a Maven plugin after Gatling(gatling-maven-plugin) to Publish results and Cleanup tasks.

From the following article mvn gatling:test is bound to the integration-test phase of Maven

Interaction between the gatling and other plugins not possible during post-integration-phase. once gatling tests are started then the entire execution control ends within the same plugin.

Appreciate any advice on how to execute a plugin after gatling runs.

Sample snippet:

            <echo message="running something after gatling"/>

Is anybody using ANY plugin AFTER gatling-maven-plugin in maven life cycle. Need to do some cleanup and other tasks after gatling-maven-plugin is executed!

I have created my own maven (mojo) plugin by wrapping up the gatling-maven-plugin. Inside that I have all those cleanup and results publishing tasks.

Just to give you an idea, hope it helps.