Save extracted values only once.

Hi all. Hope you’ll help me clarify some points about saving extracted values from session.
For example I’ve got this:

val goHomepage = http(“OpenHomepage”)
.check(css(“ul.sublist a” , “href”).findAll.saveAs(“categories”))

In last line I’ve extract all the categories (e.g. Notebooks, Phones, etc.)
This is my very first transaction in scenario and this categories is used in next ones.
So if I have more than one virtual user does this mean that every time this line will perform same action and will save List of this categories for every session.
If so how can I get this list only once and save it between requests, without overwriting it ? Or it’s extracted just once and no need to worry about resource consumption?

It will be extracted depending the number of times goHomepage is called in your journey.

If you would like to clean-up the session details pertaining to session values, use exec(session => session.removeAll("categories"))