SBT Plugin: it:testOnly doesn't work

Thought I would create a separate thread for this issue.

I created src/main for my main Gatling framework, src/test for unit tests to make sure that my framework is correct, and src/it for the scenarios that actually load test the application.

Problem is, I can’t launch a single test.

sbt "it:testOnly "

does not work. Whereas

sbt it:test

does. Sadly, I need the former to work more than the latter. Is it just me, or is it broken in the 2.1.7 version of the gatling-sbt plugin?

This is a docs issue. The documentation ( says to prefix with “it” but it actually works if I prefix with “gatling-it”.

Hi John, I’m fairly new to Galting and sbt and using 3.0 right now, and I couldn’t fathom the folder structure very well. What’s the “main framework” that you refers to? Are those reuseable components that will later be used to construct a scenario?

Better yet, do you mind maybe share your code base (if it’s open source), if not maybe help me understand what goes into those three folders a bit better please?


also what’s the difference between putting my simulations in /src/test than in /src/it/scala/… didn’t go into details


Here are a couple of GitHub repos you can reference. There are helpful documentation there. After you look at these, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out.