Scenario execution time

Hi guys,

Is it possible to calculate scenario execution time?

As example I have scenario


val scn = scenario(“Simple Scenario”)

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I need to know the time for which scenario was executed.

Thanks for your suggestions,


Sorry, I didn’t understand what exactly you want.
Do you want to know how to configure duration of a test?

No, I need to know the duration of the scenario execution. Time between when scenario start (first execution on this scenario run) minus scenario finish (last execution on this scenario end). Is exist some solution for calculate this?

Yes, i can see it at the report generated after the test.

When the simulation is done, the console will display a link to the HTML reports.

In which column?
How do you determine this time, depending on the number of users?

At upper right corner on the index.html

This time is determined when every users finish their work…