Scenario stops in loop

I have such test case

and links.csv

Which send request to receive array of objects with admin credentials and then loops through array of objects with bad credentials and checks that there is status 403.

I am reaching a problem, when I execute this test case, It will randomly execute sometimes 3 requests, sometimes 9 requests. I think that this test case stops because of some loop problems, but I cannot find exact problem.

I am also interested in approach of how to find out the reason in such test cases.

I am running my test cases in maven project.

I found out, that feeder executes only one row and stops - what can be the problem ?

feed is not a loop, check the documentation. Feeders’ main usage is to be a data pool shared amongst virtual users.

Now it works

Added gist on github

Maybe it will be interesting for someone.

You could directly fetch the ids in jsonpath instead of the parent object. Otherwise you could also use Gatling EL dot notation instead of manually copying the ids to root attributes.

Did you try this


val urls = csv("myUrls.csv").records

foreach(url, "urls") {


Anyway, interesting way to workaround the situation.