Scenarios not completing(report not generating) after a certain load

Hello All,
I am noticing usual report generation at a moderate load but as soon as I try stress testing my application, I see the test halts at 99% during rampdown. Usually it says 1 users active and it stays there for hours - I left it overnight but no use. I checked for open ephemeral ports and noticed around 50 were open for hours, they eventually closed on their own after i closed test seeing no CPU usage or requests coming at the server side - were the ports still open for hours due to race condition? The gatling log did not get generated either, so I am unsure of what happened. Please help me with what to do


What’s your Gatling version? Are you sure you’re up-to-date?

I am using the latest version - 3.9.0

Please provide a sample we can run on your side to reproduce your problem.
We can’t help without one.

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