Script checkout flow


I’m trying to create a script which goes through a checkout process of a webshop.

The scenario starts with an add to basket, the following steps are:
-go to the basket page
-next, go to the delivery address data page
-next, go to payment page (i.e. the page where the customer can choose a payment method)

-next, forward to the external payment page of the payment provider → this is where I am stuck:
going from the ‘choose a payment method page’ to the ‘external url of the payment provider page’ is done as follows:

  • button is clicked to go to the external url → but first an in between step is shown and logic is executed to provide some data;
    this step holds some essential data (in hidden fields) like the ‘OrderId’, the ‘SHA’ key, the amount, etc. …
    The problem is that is do not see this in between step show up in the recording and I need to capture this data in some way, so I can provide it to the external url.

Could you please advice on how this can be achieved ?

I searched this group already, but did not find a solution yet.

Thanks for the help!

How’s the logic executed? Is that data being generated using client side Javascript (in which case it won’t be captured in recording) or something else? If an SHA key is being calculated then I would assume this is the case.

Some more information would be required to really understand what’s going on here.

The logic is done by Java code (not Javascript).
Basically we’re using Controller classes of the Spring Framework to display the pages.
What happens in the problem area is:
The customer is on the delivery page and clicks on the button to go the '‘choose a payment method’ page → a post is executed and handled by a Spring controller and the next page is displayed.
When the customer clicks again on this page to go the next page (the external page of the payment provider) → again a post is executed to a Spring controller, this controller executes some logic and validation and at the end redirects to another controller, this controller sets the amount, orderid, sha’s etc and fills the values in the hidden fields, these fields are used in the in between step, the in between step automatically redirects to the actually external payment page.
As I mentioned before, I should be able to capture the values in the in between step and pass them to the external payment page.

Thanks for the help.

OK, I see - how about capturing the conversation using Chrome debugger / Fiddler / Charles proxy? Is everything you need captured there? If so then you should be able to script using that information.