Script stucks randomly


Have one script that stucks randomly without any error or exception thrown.
It continue to print the same information to console till exceeds script execution time specified in Gatling configuration file.
I’m using gatling-charts-highcharts-2.0.0-M3a-bundle.tar.gz build. It is pretty old and I know that you did tremendous work on exception handling.
How do you think, will it help me to find error in script if I use the latest build of Gatling?
Do I need to modify something in scripts if I use newer version?
Can someone help me with new build?

Thanks in advance.

The problem is probably on Gatling’s side and has also probably been fixed since.

Upgrading from 2M3a to current snapshot is mostly:

  • remove bootstrap._ and assertions._
  • Headers.Names became HeaderNames. same thing for Headers.Values
  • ramp(x users) became rampUsers(x), same thing for usersPerSec
  • transform was changed, now transform is X => Y while fullTransform is Option[X] => Option[Y]

And how can I build gatling zip from downloaded sources?

Понеділок, 5 травня 2014 р. 12:49:44 UTC+3 користувач Stéphane Landelle написав:


If you want to build from sources, check out this page from the upcoming doc:

Just wanted to say that with latest build I didn’t able to reproduce any errors. Looks like some of commits fixed this.
Great job to all who participating in this project.
Thanks for your help with and patience.

Понеділок, 5 травня 2014 р. 18:22:20 UTC+3 користувач Stéphane Landelle написав:

Glad to hear, thanks for your feedback!