Selection of XHR requests as a part of Gatling Script

Hello All,

As a part of recording a Gatling HTTP script for an UI application.
From the chrome developer options, while recording the network activity of the transactions there are just way too many XHR requests that get recorded.

I am going to include all the ‘doc’ requests and no ‘css’, ‘js’, ‘media’, ‘font’, others etc.

But how do we find out which of the XHR requests are required and necessary

  • for completing a successful script
  • for also having minimal required requests related to a particular transaction so that there is no major compromise in the performance metrics as well.

This may not be a direct Gatling question.

Appreciate the help.

Thank you!


That’s not possible to figure out automatically. You need to be familiar with the app, or go with trial and error.