Send HTTP GET/POST via a reverse proxy that requires client certificates


I posted this question already on StackOverflow and had no luck until know. Hope someone here can help me:

I am trying to send http GET/POST requests to applications that are hidden behind a reverse proxy. Communication with the reverse proxy is via https and the proxy requires a client certificate.

It looks like that the keystore certificate (gatling.http.ssl.keyStore.file) is not used to authenticate with the reverse proxy. I assume this because:

  • if I request https:// without specifying a proxy, I receive an answer (basically the same as if I access the URL within a browser with the client certificate) → certificate is used for the request.
  • if I specify a proxy with http.proxy(Proxy("", I receive a “org.asynchttpclient.exception.RemotelyClosedException: Remotely closed” (Gatling 2.3.1) or “ Premature close” (Gatling 3.0.3)

I haven’t found a hint how I can specify that the client certificate is used for authentication with the reverse proxy. Maybe the client certificate is already used to authenticate with the reverse proxy and something else is not configured correctly. I don’t know how to analyze further…

Hope that someone else already faced the same issue and know the solution. Also hints so that I can dig deeper are more than welcome!



Sorry, but that’s typically something that’s impossible to investigate without being able to reproduce on our side.
If you can provide us with a way to easily reproduce, we’ll gladly investigate. Otherwise, I’m afraid we can’t do much and you’re in the est spot to be able to contribute a fix.


Hello Stéphane Landelle,

thank you for your quick response. I’ll try to setup a small example that you can use to reproduce.
Is it ok for you if I contact you via mail after I managed to create an example setup.