sequential scenarios

while using the (Sequential scenarios) feature, the use case we have is one of creating users in the first step at run time and feed those users into the second scenario.

  1. How do we create the users file into the resources directory under target ( we were able to create the folder into the target folder directly but are not able to read it) so that gatling can pick up that file automatically.

Any guidance/help is appreciated.

Hi Naresh
This is how I solved it

  1. Create a separate scenario to create users, persist the data as CSV in S3 bucket or any other storage
  2. Create another scenario, get the data from CSV and create a Feeder with the CSV
  3. Use that feeder in your script

That is a good point. I’m trying to avoid going out externally to get the the contents of the file. Rather create it in memory during run time and access it from there.