Session attributes and collections


question about session attributes and how to use those with collections.

Snippet from my simulation:

val scn = scenario(getClass().getSimpleName())
.paramsSeq(session => List((“name”, “${username}”), (“password”, “${password}”))))

Session(Dummy,6012961662644695519-0,Map(username → user-1, password → pass, gatling.http.cookies → CookieJar(Map( → List(JSESSIONID=5225183940478354613.OX0;; path=/; expires=1395398084000; HTTPOnly)))),1394793284781,0,List(),List(OK),List(),List())

Because paramsSeq takes an Expression[Seq], not a Seq[Expression].
Typical usage is passing a Session attribute of type Seq, e.g. hidden input fields name and values that were extracted with a regex.findAll.

For what you’re doing, you have to pass params individually.