session incrementLoop not in SNAPSHOT


I’m using 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT. However, it seems the latest deploy on Sonatype Snapshots is broken: I can’t find anymore the session.incrementLoop method

Any clue ?




Our Travis build is supposed to only publish master branch ( but it looks like it also published this branch that hasn’t been merged yet:

The hell?!

I’ll commit on master so that it triggers a build/publish.

Then, what are you doing exactly? Do you call incrementLoop yourself? Looks fishy…

I guess there’s something we don’t get yet with PR w/ Travis…

Yes, I need to get an incremental counter per user in order to index data in an Array.


But you don’t use a loop, so you’re hacking session.incrementLoop for that?
incrementLoop is definitively going away.

Could you show me your code, please?

If you’re in a loop, you know that you can set the counter name and have it automatically incremented for you, right?

@Jeff: Can we chat about this? I’ve just send a gtalk invitation.