Session value retrieval gatling

Hi All,

I am new to Gatling. I am trying to generate a random number using feeder, putting it in a session and retrieving it for further use. But I am not able to retrieve the session value and it is giving me NumberFormatException.
Could you pleas ehelp me?

Here is my code -

val feeder = Iterator.continually(Map(“randNum” → Random.nextInt(19)))

val clinkCaseReviewSearchScenario = scenario(“03_CLinkCaseReviewSearch”)
.exec(session => {
session.set(“randNu”, session(“randNum”).as[String] )
.exec(CaseReviewSearchRequest.caseReviewOpenSearch(scenarioName, “${randNu}”.toInt))


.exec(CaseReviewSearchRequest.caseReviewOpenSearch(scenarioName, “${randNu}”.toInt))
isn’t going to work - caseReviewOpenSearch won’t know how to resolve the Gatling EL term ‘${randNu}’