Simulate the login state using cookie

Hey there,

I have tried to simulate the stated of logged in user by adding a cookie like so

exec(addCookie(Cookie(“sso2”, “${USERID}_$(RandomKey)_sn2_ts1430149950239”)))
http(“Search Flow login”)
.check(regex(“Sign out”))

However, it doesn’t look like the user is logged in after insert the cookie as it fails on the regex check on the page. Should I have used something other than ‘addCookie’ to simulate cookie insertion?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Gatling will auto append cookies in subsequent request. I’d recommend you uncomment the following line in logback-test.xml file so you can see what http response you get along with the cookies being set.



Most server applications are stateful and cookies match some Session memory space on the server.
Are you sure that your cookies can be replayed like this?