Specifying simulation in maven command line

Earlier I was using ABCD in my pom.xml file.
I ran “mvn test” in the command line and everything worked fine.

Now, I want to specify class in command line rather than in pom.
I gave the command as,
mvn test -Ds=“ABCD”
but this doesn’t work.
It says, More than 1 simulation to run, need to specify one

What is the correct format to mention the class?

Note - My class is directly available in src/test/scala without any other package declaration.

Use the full property name. The “s” alias wasn’t working because it’s a reserved maven alias for the settings.xml file location.

See https://github.com/excilys/gatling/issues/1037

Depending on the version you use, the full property name is either “gatling.simulation” or “gatling.simulationClass”.



Thanks, it works in an awesome manner.

Glad to hear :slight_smile:
Have fun