Spring Boot support

Will there be a support for Spring Boot dependency injection?

I don’t think there will ever be.

Gatling is not meant to be integrated into a Spring app.
And if you’re trying to get some components loaded in a Spring context because they’re really too complex for you to instantiate with good old constructors, you can also load your BeanFactory/AppicationContext yourself and pull the desired components manually.

There are a numerous reasons why one would want/need to have DI framework in their test suite. For us, it is a way to re-use a well working code from other test suites and avoid re-inventing the wheel.
Anyhow, I looked through maven-gatling-plugin to learn how Gatling tests are triggered such as main class and parameters used. It is more-or-less clear to me. Springboot allows defining beans of classes that are not originally Beans themselves. So, the plan is:

  1. Find the main class and its method that triggers Gatling Simulations
  2. Find what parameters it expects as inputs
  3. Create a Bean definition of that class and call the necessary method with params.

Any help with about steps 1 and/or 2 steps would be appreciated!
Here is what I had found:

  1. MainWithArgsInFile.class is used as entry point for the resultant jar. It, in turn, calls “main” method from “mainClass” using reflection, where “mainClass” is “io.gatling.app.Gatling”.
  2. main() method calls fromArgs() providing parameters and the rest of Gatling is taking care from here.
    As such, is it correct that I just need to create a Bean from “io.gatling.app.Gatling” class and then call its main() method with a list of params, where params are the same ones that we set as System variables(-Dgatling.simulationClass=${classNameHere}).

This makes me think you haven’t understood my previous answer, possibly because you don’t know what BeanFactory and ApplicationContext are.

I really recommend you read Spring’s documentation and try the solution I suggested instead of trying to hack Gatling internals (which won’t work anyway).