SSE connection reconnect on close

Hi, I have a simple SSE connection as part of my test (below). After calling close the connection is immediately reconnect, I’ve been debugging this in Charles and even if I add a pause for 1 minute the connection is closed and then reconnected. Is this a bug? Thanks. I’m currently using 3.3.1 and have tried both http & http2 protocol and the behaviour is the same.

val betslipSseConnect: ChainBuilder = {
    sse("SSE Bet Slip - ${platform}")
      .header("user-agent", "${userAgentCode}")
      .header("pp-sports-env", "2VIjUO16WFK1AKZ6fnhZ")
      .queryParam("lang", "en")
      .await(5 seconds)(checkHeartbeat)

Looks like a bug, thanks for reporting!

Thanks, if you need anymore details then please reach out