Stackoverflow error

Hi all,

I’m running into an issue where adding some checks for empty strings in the fields contained in JSON response seems to cause a StackOverflow error when compiling gatling through gradle (specially in gatling CompileScala task).

I have verified that the fields are present in the JSON response. If I remove the checks for empty fields, the gatling tests pass. It seems strange to me that adding these checks would cause a stackoverflow error.

For e.g:

.check(jsonPath("$.X.abc2").ofType[String].is(“Name of well #1”))

Following is the gatling plugin used in gradle:

plugins {
id ‘com.github.lkishalmi.gatling’ version ‘0.4.1’


It looks like an issue with this gradle plugin not allocating enough stack size for compiling. I advice you to open an issue against this plugin as it’s a community plugin that’s not an official part of the Gatling project.