Stop waiting for request response after a certain time

I have a method in my application that can be polled until it returns a response or times out (for example, after 20 seconds). I want to test it like so: while Gatling is waiting for a response for the request, it will time out (after, say, 15 seconds) as if the request failed.
Is it possible to timeout only one HTTP request if it does not return a response in a specified time frame?

I came up with a solution on my own. I solved my problem with the Gatling’s HTTP requestTimeout value. I can configure it to be lower than the long poll timeout value in the server, or I can set the server timeout value to 70 seconds and use the default 60 seconds of the requestTimeout value. It applies to all requests (although I wanted a timeout for one request only), but if the timeout’s long enough (default 60 seconds) then it’s OK.