Strange missing baseUrl in simulation where it's clearly given.

I’m seeing a strange issue where I’m getting a “missing baseUrl” error when I have set the url and I can print and show it’s set.

The output looks like this…

the base urls are:

  • List(http://localhost:9000)
    Simulation BasicSimulation started…
    14:26:40.355 [ERROR] i.g.h.a.s.HttpRequestAction - ‘httpRequest-1’ failed to execute: No protocol.baseUrl defined but provided url is relative :

The first 2 lines are from a println statement.

The full code snippet is here:

val httpConf = http.baseURL("http://localhost:9000")
println("the base urls are: \n + " + httpConf.baseUrls)

val scn = scenario("Hello World") // A scenario is a chain of requests and pauses
 .check(jsonPath("$..greeting").is("Hello, World!"))


The build.sbt file looks like this:

Nah, you need to “attach” your HttpProtocol conf to scenarios or setUp:

Yep, I knew it would be something small. The rest of my tests were working fine but couldn’t find the culprit here. Thanks!!