Test results combines all requests together for different scenarios


I have a test simulation with number of scenarios, each running at different rates, below is an example:

SuspenseSearch.getScenario(“AdviserSuspenseSearch”, scn => scn.feed(csv(FileUtils.FeederPath(“AdviserRevenueReport.csv”)).circular)).
inject(constantUsersPerSec(GetUsersPerSec(config.RiSuspenseSearches, config.RiSuspenseSearchesWindowMinutes minutes)) during TestDuration randomized),

// Test F1 - Firm Revenue Report
AdviserRevenueReport.getScenario(“FirmRevenueReport”, scn => scn.feed(csv(FileUtils.FeederPath(“FirmRevenueReport.csv”)).circular)).
inject(constantUsersPerSec(GetUsersPerSec(config.ArArrReports, config.ArArrReportsWindowMinutes minutes)) during TestDuration randomized),

The test results does not separate the requests from each scenario but combines them, so for example, if there was a request called getReport in both scenarios (SuspenseSearch and AdviserRevenueReport) the test results will simply combine the 2 request with count 2, without detailing which scenario the request is from.

Is there a way to to report on the request from each scenario rather than a combination of all?



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Yes, but only in FrontLine.

You can do it if you are willing to make some code changes.

Make each of your scenarios define a group with a unique name that corresponds to the scenario that is being executed. Put all of your behavior inside that group. Then, the results will be divided up by the group names, and your reports will be clean.

We rolled our own solution for this. You can use jsoup or equivalent tool in your language and scrape the results to do what you want. You have options available to you, just not out of the box with the free version.