Testing a non-http service with Gatling?

I have to test a non-http service responding to a binary protocol.

The sequence is:
a. Client connects over SSL

b. Waits for data
c. Reads data, ignore if heartbeat, respond if real data
d. goto wait

This is pretty similar to SSE, except with the messages in binary.

For the simulation, based on the data, the simulation will have to invoke some
https calls (which is already implemented with gatling).

Is it possible to test the non-http service described above with gatling (any version)?


You’d probably have to write your own protocol support.

Do you have Java client library for your protocol? If so, is it non blocking?

I don’t have the client lib in Java (it’s in C++) but I can reimplement in Java.

I’ll read up on protocol support.

Thanks for the tips.