The requested class can not be foun in the classpath or does not extends Simulation


I got an issue with my scenario on Gatling.
I launch gatling with the command line : "gatling.bat -sf “C:\Mes documents\DEVELOPPEMENT\OPEN-ENT-NG\MODULES\VieScolaire\src\test\scala\fr\openent\test\simulations” -s IntegrationTest.scala" but it seems it could not compile the IntegrationTest.scala class and send me an error : “The requested class(‘IntegrationTest.scala’) can not be found in the classpath or does not extends Simulation.”.

After checking, it seems my class is correct. Here is the code :

package fr.openent.test.simulations

import fr.openent.test.scenarios.EvaluationScenario
import io.gatling.core.Predef._
import io.gatling.http.Predef._

import scala.concurrent.duration._

class IntegrationTest extends Simulation {

  val httpProtocol = http
    .acceptEncodingHeader("gzip, deflate")

  setUp(EvaluationScenario.scn.inject(nothingFor(15 seconds), atOnceUsers(1)))


Can you help me ?

Thank you,


Move your Gatling install closer to the root of your filesystem.
Or complain to Microsoft so they increase the ridiculously small limit on command lines.

Or switch to Linux.


Thank for your answer.

I moved my gatling install and my project on my C: root folder and launch my scenario with “gatling -sf “C:\VieScolaire\src\test\scala\fr\openent\test\simulations” -s “IntegrationTest.scala”” but gatling ask me which simulation I want to launch :


GATLING_HOME is set to “C:\gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-2.1.0”
Choose a simulation number:
[0] computerdatabase.BasicSimulation
[1] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep01
[2] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep02
[3] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep03
[4] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep04
[5] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep05


There is an issue with the gatling command line ?

Thank you

From doc:

Yes, The original command line I use is gatling -sf “C:\VieScolaire\src\test\scala\fr\openent\test\simulations” -s “IntegrationTest.scala” . This is not working then i tried gatling -sf “C:\VieScolaire\src\test\scala\fr\openent\test\simulations” -s IntegrationTest . Not better

package fr.openent.test.simulations