The same users are being used again and again when loaded from a feeder


I have a JSON feeder file with around 10k unique users.

I am using the following code to load the feeder file:

val feeder = jsonFile(System.getProperty(“feeder_file”)).eager

In my environment, if a user logs in twice, the second login will revoke the token of the first login so the first
user wont be able to continue the flow. This means that I need to use a unique user from the feeder for each of my
virtual users. I never exceed the number of users that my feeder holds.

But here is where I start to see issues. The same users are used again and again, causing other users’s tokens
to revoke and eventually fail.

Is there any way to make sure that my users will always use a unique value from the feeder?
I was under the impression that by default there is a circular loading mechanism from the feeder unless it was explicitly
set to random.



The default feeder strategy is queue and there’s no way there’s a bug there.

Possible explanations:

  • you have duplicate entries in your file
  • you have multiple feeder instances built from the same file
  • there’s a bug in your application