Truncating in Scala

I have a question please:
i would like to read multiple xml files (file1.xml, file2.xml…), for each file i read in memory then i edit and send request. for reading and editing its work fine without any problem, but when i send request:


//some declarations 

myscenario= scenario ("scenario Name")

.exec{mysession : Session =>

//open files, list all files

for (file <-listofmyfile) {

//some regex that i reuse in payload
// payload contains the change that i would like to add for each xml file

var payload=(// some function and text message.... "XXX")

.exec("protocol used".requestReply.message(StringBody( session => session(payload).as[String]))



i get this 2 errors :


[ERROR] i.g.c.s.w.BufferedFileChannelWriter - Buffer overflow, you shouldn't be logging that much data. Truncating.

[ERROR] i.g.t.a.RequestReply - crashed on session Session
java.util.NoSuchElementException: No attribute named 'payload' is defined


i dont know how to truncat a request. i mean, i would like to read each xml file edit it and send request for each file (file by file), actually i think he read all xml files at the same time and send them at same time. any idea please ?