tryMax retrying even if there is no fail in the loop


I am using Gatling 2.1.4 to perform performance testing on our product and am facing an issue I don’t understand.
During the simulation, I have a scenario executing with multiple clients.
However, sometimes when a request fail for a client, all tryMax loops perform the retries even if there is no fail check in the loop.

Here is a sample of my project that is failing :



object objectA {

val objectAchain =

http(“Request A”)





object objectB {

val objectBchain =

exec(session => session.remove(“successfully”))

.tryMax(10) {
http(“Request b”)




class mySimulation extends Simulation {

val myScenarioChain =
repeat(10) {

val myScenario = scenario(“myScenario”)

setUp(myScenario.inject(rampUsers(30) over (60 seconds)))


So when “Request a” fail for a client, all following “Request b” are retried 10 times, whereas the requests are OK.

Do you have any idea why this can happen ?
Not sure about that, but I think I never had this problem when using Gatling 1.5.6.

Thanks in advance for your help.

It was indeed a bug:

Thanks for reporting!