Unable to increase the traffic beyond 500rps for Azure Web app


Inspite of all our efforts, we are unable to increase the traffic beyond 500rps for an azure web application.
Thats a JAVA application and want to test for its performance. We need to reach the traffic till HTTP5XX errors started seeping in.
while to our badluck, we are unable to increase load beyond 500rps.

PFA configuration files …

We have dockerized the gatling and started generating traffic. There are two Gatling configurations.one is base configuration to trigger 500rps and other Gatling config is to trigger 10rps and increase the load gradually till HTTP5XX errors started seeping in.

While it all went well till 500rps and post that inspite of adding increment containers (10rps each docker container is configured) traffic is not increasing.

Any help is deeply appreciated.


Config.scala (517 Bytes)

GatewaySimulation.scala (1.82 KB)

5XX errors mean server error. Your problem is your app that can’t withstand the load, not the Gatling injectors.

Sorry, read too fast.

Your injectors are somehow CPU or bandwidth bound. The reason for this is for you to figure out.
If you’re looking for a way to scale out your Gatling injectors, FrontLine is maybe something you should consider.


We are using multiple VMs to increase the load. One Gatling configuration on one simulation VM is to trigger 500rps and working fine.

We containerized (Docker) the Gatling and we are using 10rps for each container to increase the load (from other simulation VM) so that we can see how application behaves by increasing just 10rps. If it works fine without HTTP 5xx errors, then increase by another 10 and so on and on… till we get HTTP5XX errors… But even though we are using multiple VMs, still, traffic is not increasing beyond 500rps.

I already attached our configuration files… kindly see and let us know how to tune them


It’s not a matter of tuning your Gatling injectors, it’s a matter of figuring out what’s wrong with your homemade docker based Gatling distribution.

Thanks for the update.

Even standalone Gatling configuration in Ubuntu without container (even after OS tuning) with D4SV3 (32gb RAM with 8 cores) can’t able to reach greater than 500 rps…
This is quite surprising…
Any help on this is greatly solicited… appreciate your response

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Have you checked bandwidth usage?