Unable to use new feeder from feeder file for every new iteration

I have created a script where i’m sending some ID’s as parameterization/feeders. But for every new iteration it uses only the first ID from first row but not the next one in the csv file.
Currently using 3.7.6 version

val dataFeeder = csv(“path.csv”).circular()

val scn = scenario(“Scenario name”)


Hi @harsa,

  1. please upgrade (as required by this community forum terms)
  2. please give a reproducer (as required by this community forum terms)

I can only imagine what may (or may not) happen.

the feed instruction is a step of the scenario.
It means that if the user loop and should have new value for each iteration, the feed instruction must be in the loop as well.

Does that help?


Thanks sbrevet
Actually i had used feed instruction out of loop.
Now its working