Update Session endTime after test completes but before report generation? Or access session startTime?

Hi everyone,

Trying to test async operation in my rest service, Idea is to fire all requests and add request ID returned by service to Session, after test is finished update end time of each request(Session) with timestamp taken from MySQL before report generation.
Can this be archived in gatling ?

If not this, maybe there is a way to access Session startTime/endTime in checks to save this data alongside requestId and compile my own custom report afterwards.
Can I get startTime/endTime in checks and not just responseTimeInMillis ?

Ps: I’m using java gatling binding.




This looks like very specific and complex customizations. I don’t think you’ll find this kind of help here.

Instead of trying to hack Gatling to collect your server side metrics, you could maybe push your custom server side metrics in Prometheus, and consolidate in Grafana dashboards. Gatling Enterprise has a datasource for Grafana.

Hi Stéphane,

Thank you for your response. I don’t see it as a hack I thought about extension, was wondering why are those values (startTimestamp, endTimestamp) are not exposed to the users, because for some reason in checks we have responseTimeInMillis() exposed which is actually calculated from those two timestamps, I’m not a Scala expert, but wouldn’t it be easy to expose those two in check as well? Or add those as properties to Session maybe.