Using blacklist in Recorder leads to 'ambiguous reference' in the script

When I use the blacklist in the recorder, the script wil contain the line:

.inferHtmlResources(black = BlackList("""..css."""), white = WhiteList())

But the compiler in Eclipse (+ Scala IDE for Eclipse) complains:

ambiguous reference to overloaded definition, both method inferHtmlResources in class HttpProtocolBuilder of type (black: io.gatling.core.filter.BlackList, white: io.gatling.core.filter.WhiteList)io.gatling.http.config.HttpProtocolBuilder and method inferHtmlResources in class HttpProtocolBuilder of type (white: io.gatling.core.filter.WhiteList, black: io.gatling.core.filter.BlackList)io.gatling.http.config.HttpProtocolBuilder match argument types (black: io.gatling.core.filter.BlackList,white: io.gatling.core.filter.WhiteList)

When I leave the parameter names out of the method call, the compiler can resolve the correct overload by type:

.inferHtmlResources(BlackList("""..css."""), WhiteList())

Indeed, entered your description in our bug tracker:

Just fixed !

Could you please try the latest snapshot version and confirm everything’s working on your side ?



I will try to check it as soon as possible.

This fix has been included in Gatling 2.0.0-RC2, therefore you won’t have to use snapshots, you’ll only need to upgrade :slight_smile:



That’s even better :wink:

Just tested it on RC2, it works perfectly now.
Thank you for fixing this so quickly.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: