Using different bodies for each user

Hi all,

I would like to simulate x users posting n requests to a service such as a certain % of requests are identical.
For example, let say I have 1000 different payloads, I would like to simulate 100 users making 15 requests from the 1000 pool.

I tried to use random feeders but from the doc and my first attempt, it seems that “every virtual user feed on the same Feeder”.
Do you know how could I achieve that?


Hi Julien,

Sorry, but… I don’t get it :slight_smile:
Could you elaborate, please?

Sure, I simply want to define a scenario where each user send a different payload. As far as I can see, if I define a feeder all users will use the same values. Does it make more sense ?

If so, this is exactly the default behavior: a shared queue.
So each user will pop different records.

Thanks, I completely missed that.

Benchmarking blaze/http4s?