using .filebody with template file

Hi all, I am trying to use .filebody with template. But when I run my Gatling file I get " No ScalatePackage class found from templates package:"

I have a feeder file that has the values for username and newusername.(12345,sousaX1). based on the log file it looks like the values are being inserted into the template file, so I am not sure why its not working for me.


“username” → “${username}”,
“newusername” → “${newusername}”



my testlog file seems to be doing the substitution correctly .

106936 [] DEBUG o.f.scalate.util.ResourceLoader - Trying to load uri: RecordedSimulation_request_15.ssp
106947 [] DEBUG o.f.scalate.util.ResourceLoader - found resource: FileResource(/myfolder/gatling-charts-highcharts-1.5.5/user-files/request-bodies/RecordedSimulation_request_15.ssp,/Users/zsousa/gatling-charts-highcharts-1.5.5/user-files/request-bodies/RecordedSimulation_request_15.ssp)
107031 [] DEBUG - Trying to find Scalate Package class: ScalatePackage
107032 [] DEBUG - No ScalatePackage class found from templates package: on the class loaders: List(sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@6ec12f3, sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@6ec12f3)
107035 [] DEBUG o.f.s.s.DefaultTemplatePackage - Could not find a class on the classpath based on the current url: RecordedSimulation_request_15.ssp

Can anyone help me understand why its not working.