Using JsonPath as a standalone lib

Hi All,
I would like to use JsonPath implementation outside of gatling.
I can only find the old jars (0.7) published to maven central.
Where can I find the newer versions published?


I wouldn’t recommend that.
This jar is an internal. It’s not a library, it doesn’t provide a public stable API and we reject contributions that wouldn’t serve a purpose in Gatling.
Instead, I recommend going with JMesPath. We use this implementation and are very happy with it.

Hi Stéphane,
First thank you fo the quick replay.
Second did you ever evaluated jayway json-path?
If so could why did you preferd JMesPath?

Best regards,

Just found this blog from Gatling:

Will read through it :

We did consider using Jayway’s implementation in early Gatling days.
The project was on hiatus back then (IIRC, we had no feedback on the bug fixing PRs we provided), and for several reasons, we decided to go with our own implementation.
This project was active again later on.
Still, from our internal benchmarks, our implementation is still faster for our use case so we don’t plan on switching.

Now, JsonPath suffers from a major issue: a total lack of spec, and that’s were JMesPath shines. You can read my take on this topic on our blog.
Moreover, JMesPath provides interesting transformation features.