Validate a WebService Inteface contract with Gatling.

Hi all,

I’m starting with Gatling and I want to know what’s the best way to validate json rest API Responses, in order to verify the interface of my WebService.

I tried to use the Gatling’s Check API with JsonPath, but it’s very boring to declare all I want to check (my json can be very huge). Does it exist a “feeder” like that can do it ?

Example :
“myDTO”: {
“meta1”: “value1”,
“meta2”: “value2”,
“meta3”: {
“submeta1”: “value1”,
“submeta2”: “value2”
“meta4”: [
“submeta1”: “value”,
“submeta2”: null
“submeta1”: “value”,
“submeta2”: "value

thanks a lot.

What do you want to check exactly? The whole exact message?

I want to check if all expected objects are in my json response and if their values are correct.

So, first you’re more doing functional testing than stress testing.

I see 2 solutions:

It sounds great. I’ll try it as soon as possible.