Variable usage session

I am not able to get the value stored in the variable used?

session.set(“acmToken”, token2)

val first = {
println(“xxxxxxxxxx” + first.value)

I want the value of acmtoken to get printed. pls help

can someone help here please? Where im missing

@balaji You’ve been asking lots of questions these last few days that seem to demonstrate that you don’t really understand how Gatling works.

If you haven’t already read all the official documentation (not just the tutorials) or have gone through the Gatling Academy, I recommend you do so.
Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t get the kind of in-depth help/mentoring you need from volunteers on this forum, all the more as you’ve been spamming for fast assistance. In this case, you might consider contracting for consulting. Feel free to reach out here.


Problem here is documentation given to refer is not much helpful to cover my scenario.
It would be great if you can help or redirect this query.

Any help here please?

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