View State value not being parsed through

in the below code i save the viewstate from the Get request as a variable, then reuse it in the post request. but checking the request in Fiddler, the value being posted for View State is blank. ive added a session print and i get a value printed to the console, but not show why its not being submitted in the post request. Any ideas please:

.exec(http(“Get ViewState”)


.formParam("__VIEWSTATE", “${ViewState}”)

Did you get trace logs? if the extracted value is in session variables, then it should be replaced in POST request mentioned below.

You can try with attached sample code

AdvancedSimulationStep011.scala (3.13 KB)

Thanks G Madhana Mohana Reddy

I found that the content of view state was too big to appear in fiddlers webform, however it was visible in raw view - so im happy now :wink: