Virtual Users in Closed Workload Model

Hi, I am a learning on some Performance theory following by this document recommended on Gatling’s document site:

During my project time I have tested with some Closed Workload Model, so I just want to know if I define a scenario like this:


In the report, it would show that total Users will stay at 100, but when I read the log (sorry I can’t share it), it would show that Users is larger, for example:

User No.500 start

So I’m curious, is Gatling reuse Users profile, or an actual NEW user is created, thank you for instructing me on this.


Recycling users doesn’t make any sense. Would your real world users clear their cache, remove their cookies and close their connections so that they can start over from scratch?

So no, Gatling doesn’t recycle users. It spawns new users, as indicated in the documentation: Gatling - Injection.
If you need your virtual users to loop, you have to use a loop in your scenario.


Thank you for clarifying my concerns.

Just one more thing is that if workflow following “partial-open workload model”, is it advisable to configure Gatling as open/closed injection?

It’s worth to mention that Gatling can reuse created connections - http.shareConnections();
More details about my investigation in this topic → shareConnections() in Server to Server Simulation

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