Want to discuss on one scenario to achive

I want to simulate a case where I want my load test to run for 5 min.
Initial RPS = 50 in 30 sec
then Jump to 80 RPS and Hold for 180 sec.

after 210 (30+180) sec, for remaining time I want all my users to reach whatever RPS it can achieve. Same like If I have never used the throttle.

What is happening right now : My test script only work for 210 sec. not for 300 sec. so whatever duration throttle has, script runs for that much time.

    Simulation_ScenarioOne.inject(rampUsers(thread_Count.toInt ) during (rampUp_Time.toInt.seconds)).protocols(httpConfig)
      // Assert that max response time from 95% percentile of all requests are less than or equal 60 s
      // Assert that successful request is more than (>) 98%
      // Assert that every request has no more than (<=) 2% of failing requests

Any help appricieated

Hi @TheMayank,

Indeed, it’s documented in Simulation - Shaping Throughput (see the information box).

As throttling is a limit, did you try to jumpToRps(Int.MaxValue)?


Yes thats I have tried, but my end goal is to achieve two known rps and one unknow rps.
that’s why I want system to decide to whatever rps it can reach in remaining time.
but sadly with throttle, i don’t find any solution to it.

any advice how can I simulate my case with or without throttle.

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