What information available in session???


I am new to gatling…can any one please explain What information will be available in session and what is the type of session…I observed and it contains some values and username,password details…In that except username and password what all are the other values???


Basically, the session contains some data set by Gatling itself (which you shouldn’t rely on) + data eventually injected by your feeders + data eventually saved by your checks.
Use exec(session => {println(session); session}) to inspect the content of the session if you want a deeper look.

If I want to print response for each request…is it possible with session???And how to print the response on console???

Edit conf/loopback.xml to print response for each request.



Will it print response on console??And I have to store the response in one variable…How to do that???

My meaning is I have to store each request response in one variable and using println I have to print on console…

Gatling documentation is very good. You should give it a shot

How to save response body - http://gatling.io/docs/2.0.2/http/http_check.html#http-response-body

How to print response body in console .disableResponseChunksDiscarding at httpProtocol and enable logging in logback.xml as mentioned in the above post.

how to print a variable - .exec({session => println(session(“variableName”).as[String])