What injection profile should I use to run 500 users for every 5 minutes within 1hour (SCALA) (Stress Test)


What configuration is necessary for handling 500 users every 5 minutes for an hour?

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It’s not quite clear to me what injection profile you’re looking for (a soak test of 500 users for an hour? A capacity test with 500 users being added every 5 seconds? etc.).

We also don’t know which version of Gatling you’re running or whether you’re scripting in Java, Kotlin, Scala.

However, I suggest you look at our documentation here Gatling - Injection and you can likely find the right solution to meet your needs.

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I’m using Gatling 3.8.4 . What injection profile should I use with Scala for a stress test that adds 500 users every five minutes for one hour?

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This is a jmeter graph, and I need my gatling scala test to run in this format.


That’s much more clear, however the goal of this forum is meant more to teach how to fish rather than just catch the fish for you.

Would you mind showing us the injection profile you’re currently using (or work from the documentation to create something you think is correct) and we can work from there?


@gian you should look into:

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