Wrk vs gatling

Techempower released an extensive benchmarks on various frameworks at www.techempower.com/benchmarks/#section=data-r3

Wrk is the modern HTTP benchmarking tool, what are the pros and cons for using wrk and gatling?

Would Gatling work for stress testing on PHP framework as well?


Gatling is framework and programming language agnostic as it works on the HTTP level. So, yes, it will work with all PHP frameworks.

Here is a list of things that would make you choose Gatling :

  • Great HTML5 reports
  • Support of complex scenarios
  • Easy to write checks for asserting the correct execution of your scenarios (Regex, CSS selector, JsonPath etc.)
  • Easy to integrate with Graphite, Jenkins etc.

Wrk is more of tool in the category of “Apache Benchmark (ab)” - it will only test one single query.

So, if you look for the raw throughput of a web server / framework, wrk is probably a tool to look at. But, if you are interested in testing a website or anything that is more complex that one single query, then, Gatling is definitively a tool you should consider.


Thank, great!