[2.0.0-RC1] rampUsers works not as expected


I have the following scenario:
I need to ramp users up to 40 then hold this load for a while and then ramp up to 100 users.

I have the following set up:

rampUsersPerSec(1) to (40) during (1 minutes), //1
constantUsersPerSec(40) during (1 minutes), //2
rampUsersPerSec(40) to (100) during (20 minutes), //3
rampUsersPerSec(100) to (1) during (5 minutes) //4

everything works fine till //3. It successfully ramps up to 40 users and then…
it just keeps adding users up to ~70 and then it starts to send requests in some portions of 100-300 requests…

Also i tried to use throttling but the picture was the same…

where I’m doing it wrong? :slight_smile:

upd. added run with lower times. now you can see that //1 and //2 work well and when ramping //3 something goes wrong…

Could you give latest snapshot a try, please?

Tried latest snapshot.

Now all requests graph is 100% as expected.

Thanks a lot!

Great news!

Have fun